Motormond is a not for profit Art Space that is dedicated to circulating a critically grounded Pan Diasporic Culture. We are committed to staging, activating and circulating culture that facilitate bonds of solidarity between all peoples in the diaspora.

The Team

  • Curator

    Musoke Nalwoga

    Musoke Nalwoga (Uganda, 1994) is currently working in Amsterdam as a curator and researcher with a focus on contemporary art. She studied Art History at University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, has a MA in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam, and a MA in Critical studies at the Sandberg Institute. Musoke is the founding director of MOTORMOND. In her role as a researcher she has contributed to the curatorial programs of Sonsbeeck 20-24, The Cobra Museum of Modern Art, and Framer Framed. She is also a guest lecturer on the University of Amsterdam’s MA Art and Performance Studies program.

  • Exhibition Host

    Giany Kraan

    Giany Kraan (he/him), better known as GIGI, is a multi-talented artist with deep roots in the world of creativity. From photography to music production to event management, his work reflects a diverse range of talents. Adaptability and versatility are some key components to his character. A open and dynamic person with a eye for visual expression. Committed to solving social problems and making impactful contributions to serve diverse communities through collaborations with The Black Archives, VPRO and now with Motormond.

  • Communication

    Jeanine Van Berkel

    Jeanine van Berkel (Curaçao, 1995) is a graphic designer, writer and ????. As a designer, she explores what it means to design based on intuition and feeling, while trying to stretch what is seen as graphic design. As a writer, she is working on her ongoing research and story through the semi-forgotten memory of herself and (un)known history of her various motherlands to discover what silence looks like. Sometimes she transforms herself into a podcast host and moderator.

  • Graphic Design

    Alyson Sillon

    Alyson Sillon (She/Her) is a visual artist and graphic designer, whose inspiration lays grounds in the mythological potential of counter-cultural movements. Through embodied research and a collaborative approach to knowledge-making, she has developed a multidisciplinary practice that touches upon hybrid symbolic language, performance, and multisensory interventions.

  • exhibition host

    Orianna Santucci

    Orianna has a background in academia, but is lately transitioning into a more creative space. She is rediscovering her love for fashion and art while connecting people through it. When she hosts the space, it is her goal to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable and enjoy the exhibition or read a book, so come by for some nice music, a tea, and a chat!

  • communication intern

    Yvela Verhuizen

    Yvela Verhuizen (2002) is a photographer who is often a curious questioner motivated by the urge to understand people better. In her work, she is searching for lost connections in answers to complex matters – about family, friends, and home. Born in Haïti, raised in the Netherlands, identity has always played and still plays a big role in her being. She researches how to rewrite what is lost to gradually shape her story. Through photography, moving image, audio, and text; She aims to create a space where others are welcome and recognize themselves.